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Flutes Ex Stock

After many years of struggling with an all-too-large waiting list, I'm now attempting to keep some flutes available ex-stock. 

Where not specified, flutes are in D, blackwood with silver rings.

If not specified, flutes below are available with any embouchure design.  If a head or embouchure type is specified, another head or embouchure could be had with a few weeks delay.


Keyless GLP with slide.  African Blackwood.  Holes subtly offset for improved comfort. US$1255


6-key Rudall Refined model with slide in Gidgee.  Improved Elliptical embouchure, eccentric bore head, US$3345.

This is the same general model of flute as played by Chris Norman, though I have brought the tuning up to date.  Gidgee is a particularly dense brown timber from northern remote New South Wales.

The stock situation often changes quickly, so contact me to find out what's currently available or almost ready.

I'm also trying to maintain supplies of Grey Larsen Preferred models to Grey Larsen (Indiana).

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