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After many years of struggling with an all-too-large waiting list, I'm now attempting to keep some flutes available ex-stock.  Ideally at least one of every model in keyless form.

Where not specified, flutes are in D, keyless, blackwood with silver rings, with Eccentric Bore Head, New Improved tuning slide and my Improved Elliptical embouchure design .  A different head or embouchure could be had with a few weeks delay.

Current availability status

The table below lists the various stock flutes currently available or in production.  #nnn is the serial number of the specific instrument.  If the instrument you want isn't "Available" but one is "Coming", I can assign that instrument to you and send it to you when finished and tested.  Or, if you have specific requirements, contact me and place a special order.

Model Foot type Cost Available Coming
Prattens with Long D foot US $1255 #1063 #1070
Rudall Perfected


with Integral foot US $1255   #1067
with Long D foot US $1451    
Rudall 5088 with Integral foot US $1255 #1062  
Rudall Refined with Integral foot US $1255   #1079
Grey Larsen Preferred with Integral foot US $1255   #1066

For images of each of these models see below.

For more information on each of these models see: http://www.mcgee-flutes.com/models.html


Keyless Prattens with slide.  African Blackwood.  US$1255


Rudall Perfected Keyless with slide, Integral Foot. African Blackwood.  US$1255


Rudall Perfected Keyless with slide, Long D Foot. African Blackwood.  US$1451

Keyless Rudall 5088

Keyless Rudall Refined

Keyless Grey Larsen Preferred, with slide and Rounded Rectangle embouchure. African Blackwood.  US$1255

The stock situation often changes quickly, so contact me to find out what's currently available or almost ready.

I'm also trying to maintain supplies of Grey Larsen Preferred models to Grey Larsen (Indiana).

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