A musical journey on YouTube

Through music you can enter into history, glimpse other cultures, relax and reduce stress, and be transported to another level of consciousness. Music evokes emotions, tells stories and inspires us. Music is not a waste of time it opens our minds in a different way; it's a creative experience.

I'd like to invite you on a journey into the world on YouTube, using the links below. Perhaps you'll hear something new. Watching the musicians' body language and expressions is part of the enjoyment for me.

Often you need to hear a piece more than once before you really enjoy it. Our musical tastes are often limited by what we have been exposed to. Just because you live in a regional area doesn't mean you can't access the grand music halls and live concerts all over the world. Share some of these links with your kids the younger, the better.

Classical and Early links:


Something different...


Some folk music to start you off browsing:

On the benefits of listening to music...