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Malua Bay Playground

Newsflash - playground equipment ordered!  Stay tuned for more news!


A great kid's playground for Malua Bay - that's the project that brought the Malua Bay Improvement Group together in the first place.  Let's find out how the project is going...

The Concept

Group members are unanimous and adamant - we want a really great playground with unique personality - something that sets Malua Bay Playground apart from playgrounds everywhere.  Of course that is a taller order than just ordering a playground "off the shelf", and it does mean we'll need more money and it will take that bit longer to bring to fruition.  But hey, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well.  This is Malua bay, after all!

Progress on fundraising

We're making great progress on two fronts - raising the necessary money and coming up with the design for the playground.  You can see how we raise money at Fundraising & Coming Events and see the businesses and individuals who have been supporting us at Sponsors.  The great news is that Eurobodalla Council has agreed to augment our fundraising with a grant of $42,000 towards the project, bringing our coffers up to over $60,000. Thanks again to all.

Now you might think with money like that to hand, the job is done, but unfortunately not so - playground equipment that will satisfy legal requirements and stand up to the rigours of childrens' play doesn't come cheap.  So our fundraising continues.  Stay tuned for some more innovative fundraising ideas, and in particular a way that you can not only help it happen, but grab yourself a little bit of history as well.

Progress on the Design

As you might imagine, coming up with the design for the playground is no small task.  Children's playgrounds have to be safe, and there are a myriad of regulations to be researched, understood and complied with.  And, as we've said, we want it to be distinctive, so that overlays another level of research, thinking and discussion.  Fortunately we're not alone in this, and it's appropriate here to give special thanks to our friends at BHI Architects.  Our Playground Subcommittee is beavering away, researching what components are available, sifting through all the offerings, and weaving in some special magic of their own.  Stay tuned for more news on their deliberations!




You can help!

You can help realise this great project in lots of ways:

  • Make a donation (you'd be rather amazed to find out how much has come this way!)

  • Join the group and help with fundraising and planning

  • Support our fundraising ventures

  • Tell your friends about the project and ask them to help.

Watch this space!

Bookmark this website and make a mental note to drop back soon.  We'll have more to tell you in the weeks to come!

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 Created: 14 May 2007