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Volunteer Recognition

The Malua Bay Improvement Group wouldn't have got off the ground without our dedicated volunteers.  Here are some of our recent achievements.

Rendering the Toilet Block

Now if there's ever been a project to excite the enthusiasm of volunteers, this would have to be it.  Hey, it's a nice day, let's spruce up the Malua Bay toilet block!  But it happened.  Doesn't that say heaps about the vigour and determination of our membership!

The building was looking pretty sad and sorry for itself after goodness knows how many years of stalwart service.  Thanks to the Council and local businesses for their kind donations of materials (check out our sponsors).  And thanks to our volunteers who gave up their weekend to render and paint the outside of the building.

And it's catching!  In a combined effort, Council and Work For The Dole have agreed to update other aspects of the facilities.  They have already started cleaning and repainting the inside of the block and are working with local businesses to upgrade the facilities.  Thanks all!

This page will bring you more reports and images of the activities of our volunteers.


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  Created: 30 April 2007