Welcome to Roisin Niamh McGee!

(Roisin is pronounced 'ro-sheen', Niamh is pronounced 'neave')

Roisin was born on the 12th January 2005 at 12.23am after a four and a half hour labour. As we arrived at the hospital, I was ready to push, and she was born half an hour later. It was a natural birth, with no intervention, and I watched in a mirror as she made her entrance into the world. I was exhilarated for weeks after the birth, and what a lovely bonus to have a little girl after two beautiful boys.

Jesse enjoys a cuddle with the new arrival.

The last weeks of waiting seemed long, as I had wondered if the baby would come two weeks early, as Breandan had. We went out as much as we could to fill in time, but I wasn't comfortable walking too far. It was very hot, too.


I wanted Rose in her name somewhere, as I have had several vases of roses from our garden every day since early September, and Roisin is Irish for 'little rose'. The boys had middle names after favourite Irish musicians - Ciaron Liam after Liam O'Flynn the piper and Breandan Turlough after Turlough O'Carolan, the blind harper, so I wanted Roisin to have a special middle name, too. We chose Niamh after Niamh Parsons, one of my favourite traditional Irish singers.








Day 1 in hospital

Day 3 in hospital


Roses from our garden and beautiful flowers from Terry's family.


Special miniature roses from our friend, Annie, after she found out we were calling her Roisin.



Roisin wrapped like a little rose after her first bath...



After her first bath at home.











A rose quilt that I made for Roisin even before we chose the name.


Roisin's brothers, Ciaron (left) and Breandan (right) are so proud of their little sister. 


Our beautiful daughter at four days old. She is peaceful and settled, feeding well and sleeping for 3-5 hour stretches. She was almost back to her birth weight today.




Breandan is happy to see his Mum again!

"Here I am, ready to conquer hearts!"


Wearing an antique baby dress I have saved for twenty years....

Safe and secure, holding on to the life support!


Wearing a dress and hat I made myself...



"Yuk, Dad, that red's a bit rough!"


Day 16 - that looks like a smile!



Roisin is very long - 53 cm. Day 17


Day 17













Feb 2005 aged 4 weeks


Peas-in-a-pod toes!


April 2005 aged 3 months


March 2005


April 2005

April 2005