Links to Historical Flute Sites

The sites below include information on historical flutes.  If you have or know of such a site which should be included, please send me the link.

Also, please feel free to provide a link to this page from your site.

Museums and institutional researchers

Many of the museums around the world can be found through CIMCIM:

International Committee of Musical Instrument Museums and Collections,

but here are some of the well known ones with significant flute holdings:

Bate Collection of Musical Instruments, Oxford

Dayton C. Miller Flute Collection, Washington

Edinburgh University Collection of Musical Instruments

Private Collectors and Researchers

These are all web-based publications:

David Migoya's Rudall & Rose Catalogue

Glennis Stout Collection

Greg Lehey's musical instruments 

Rick Wilson's Historical Flutes Page 

Terry McGee's Historical Flute Studies

Joseph Wilds Sallenger's Favorite Flutes Index

Xory's Historical Flutes

Dealers in old flutes

Some dealers include good photos and fullsome descriptions of flutes they have available.

Flute Center of New York

Music Treasures

Vintage Instruments

Wichita Band Instrument Co

Heather Breeze

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