Modern 6-key Fingering Chart

Elsewhere on this website you'll find 19th century fingering charts.  These may not suit modern Irish flutes, which are usually rescaled and tweaked to give better tuning accuracy.  While this won't affect fingerings in the lower octaves, it will affect third octave fingerings, moving them generally closer to the theoretical.

The fingering chart available here has been worked out for my Rudall Perfected model -  a flute based on the largest bore, largest hole original Rudall flutes I could find, and rescaled and tweaked for best performance.  Fingerings for other modern flutes may vary in the third octave, but probably not by much. Try fingerings given here and fingerings from the 19th century charts.

To download the chart, click here: SixKeyFluteV4.pdf


I'm indebted to player William Porter for determining and supplying the chart attached and giving permission for publication.

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