Cornelius Ward

His Writings and Instruments


In these pages we will be bringing you a look at the writings and instruments of one of the most colourful of the 19th Century London makers, Cornelius Ward.

We start with his 1844 pamphlet, The Flute Explained.  I've made some changes to the layout and punctuation to make it easier to navigate, but the text is as little changed as possible.  

The Flute Explained


  1. Ancient Flutes, etc.
  2. The Modern or Ordinary German Flute; General Principles, etc.
  3. Recent Attempts to Remodel the Flute - Gordon, Boehm, etc.
  4. Acoustical and Mechanical Requisites for a Perfect Flute.
  5. The New Patent Flute
  6. The Embouchure
  7. The Bore, etc.
  8. The Patent Terminator and Indicator
  9. The Wood of the Flute
  10. Summary and Conclusion

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