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Flute Cases

A beautiful instrument deserves the protection of a beautiful fitted case. We offer a handcrafted flute case in Tasmanian Blackwood, a fine Australian hardwood, with quality lining materials. 

These cases are built for me specially by Ken Free, of Freestyle Design.  You'll notice that the corners are box-combed to give great strength, and the edges rounded to make the case pleasant to carry.  The top and bottom panels are let in to slots in the sides.  They are solid wood, not plywood, and are not glued in, and can thus move with the weather.  This form of construction is known as frame & panel, and is seen in fine cabinetwork.  It is the furniture equivalent to my New Improved Tuning Slide - it works with nature rather than trying to outmuscle her.
The catch and hinges are solid brass (not sheet).  Tasmanian Blackwood is clearly not black.  The bark of the tree is black, which is how it got its name.
The flute is cradled in an insulating foam tray, individually cut for it, and held in place by quilt batting inside the lid.  The case thus offers considerable protection against high temperature should the flute be inadvertently left in a car or near a heater.
The fabric is panne velvet, and can be readily replaced by the owner if it becomes soiled.  We are at the mercy of the fashion industry in the choice of colours, but if you have a preference, we'll do our best to meet it!

Economy flute case

If your budget doesn't run to one of Ken's Freestyle Design cases, or if you are on the go a lot and need a more "knockabout" case, our Economy case might suit you better.  These are based on the typical Boehm flute case, but are relined to hold your particular flute.  The cases are light but strong, weighing less than 500gms (0.5Kg, just over 1lb). 

The lining approach used is the same as for the Free-style cases, except the space is divided into two sections rather than three.

There are a few limitations when you try to shoehorn a wooden flute into a metal flute box.  For example, it's not possible with three-piece flutes such as my integral feet models.  But it's fine with any of my models, keyed or keyless, with a removable foot.

Cheaper still?

If your budget doesn't run to a custom case, consider a plastic pistol case, available from sports stores for only $20 or so. 
As a Texan customer once told me, "We keep our flutes in pistol cases, so as not to arouse suspicion... ".

Cleaning stick, improved.

Our own design, it removes all the moisture from the area around the stopper.  And has stopper location rings suited to wooden flute.  Made from 10mm acetal rod, it cannot scratch the bore and is strong enough to push the stopper out if it gets jammed.  For more details: The Improved flute cleaning rod

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