Repairs and Restorations



I specialise in making wooden flutes for traditional and classical music and in researching 19th century instruments. I also undertake repairs, modifications and restorations of old instruments for owners around the world.

I'm particularly well equipped for difficult repairs. These include:

  • making new sections to replace missing, broken, poorly tuned and irreparable ones
  • making new keys, rings, etc
  • fixing cracks in lined sections
  • fixing springs, replacing pads, stoppers, tenon lapping, etc
  • re-tuning old flutes to modern pitch (conditions apply!)

I've also developed some interesting new techniques for carrying out these repairs.  My aim is always to find the repair that will produce the best results with the minimum of side effects.

In this section of the web page, I'll progressively bring you images and information about how some of these tasks are carried out.  I'm always interested in hearing other points of view on the best way to look after these instruments.

And if you have an old flute needing this sort of attention, contact me with an outline of what you think your instrument needs.

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