Jordan Wainwright
- Australia's first flute maker?

For a long time, I wondered if I might be Australia's first flutemaker.  But it looks like I might have missed out by around 150 years.  The honour might go to Jordan Wainwright, formerly of London. 

It's believed Wainwright might have come to Australia in the 1850's.  Certainly, a flute bearing the mark "Wainwright/Sydney" has been reported by a London collector and, with a little help from yours truly, has been extradited to Australia for interrogation.

We're looking for any information we can find about Jordan Wainwright of London, or Wainwright of Sydney, or any examples of his work.  Do let us know!

Australia's Second Flutemaker?

And before I leap to the assumption I might be Australia's Second Flutemaker, we have to investigate a rumour that someone, possibly an A.P. Sykes, was making flutes in the 1940's in Victoria.   But again, if you've heard anything about this or know of any other Australian makers before the revival started in the 1970's, get in touch!

I wonder if I'm too optimistic holding out for Bronze?

Stop Press!  An AP Sykes flute has surfaced in Germany and should be on it's way home soon.  More to follow ....

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