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Australia has only three instruments which meet the criteria needed to be called a carillon.  They are the National Carillon in Canberra, the Sydney University War Memorial Carillon, and the Bathurst War Memorial Carillon.  The two former instruments are complete, but the Bathurst instrument lacks the keyboard and action needed to play the bells manually.  The bells can be played by electric keyboard, but the sound is frankly ghastly, as one of the papers below establishes.  We hope the Bathurst Shire Council will soon be able to overcome the problems stopping the instrument joining its fellows as a fully functioning instrument.

But the relative lack of instruments hasn't meant that Australia hasn't contributed to carillon study.  The purpose of this page is to make that research conveniently available to all.

About the writers

Terry McGee and Jesse Rowan offer Australia's only carillon maintenance and engineering service.   We have been maintaining the National Carillon at Canberra since 1997, and have introduced a large number of improvements to how maintenance is carried out, and to the instruments themselves. 

We have also been called upon to carry out maintenance on the Sydney University instrument, and have provided advice to the Bathurst Shire Council on bringing their carillon into full operation.

About the papers

The papers listed below have been carried out as opportunity presented itself.  We hope we will have the opportunity to do more.

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