Settling in

Three months later and the house is almost finished. We have largely unpacked what we need, sent the boxes to be recycled, and the house is now looking and feeling like home sweet home. We've even started planting in the garden and some shaping with rocks and soil is due to happen in a couple of weeks. 

     The entry (view to the right)

The Office ready to unpack... Et voilá - a pleasant place to work!

The Family Room/Kitchen

View out to the deck and forest from the Family Room.
The other side of the Family Room used for Dining. It's so spacious and light.
View of the kitchen and kids' computer desk in the Family Room.
Main Bedroom/ Ensuite
Powder Room and Main Bathroom
Roisin's bedroom

Roisin's again...

The boys' bedroom

Unpacking took up a lot of time, and the children entertained themselves with their toys they hadn't seen for a while... and other diversions.  Here are Breandan and Roisin in the garage up to mischief. We can see who the ringleader is!  Breandan found two tins of paint which Jesse had been using to paint some furniture.  He mixed the colours together and painted the cat, the pram, boxes, toys, the floor, Roisin and himself.... When Jesse saw them she just screamed!  Several times!!!

Luckily it was not enamel paint - but it still didn't come off the floor and the cat needed a trim.

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  Created 1 May 2007