Jesse's Sewing Room / Creative Space

At last! A sewing room to die for!

My new Sewing Room faces North for optimum Winter sunlight, and has two smaller Eastern windows for morning sun. This is the view from the Northern windows - a piece of untouched forest which has a small creek running through it down to the sea about half a kilometre away. 


The view of the forest is so peaceful. The birdsong is varied. There are kookaburras, lorrikeets, owls, galahs, magpies and many other weird and wonderful birds, judging from the strange noises emanating from the forest. 

We also have wallabies that graze near the house - we'll have to protect the garden when we start planting

It feels wild and isolated, but it isn't. We are only 3 minutes' drive to several lovely beaches, or to local shops.


 The view from the Family Room into the Sewing Room so I can still keep an eye on the kids.


On the right is an L-shaped desk top which we made from craftwood, placed over various pieces of furniture for storage underneath.

The other side of the L- shape. The machine sits down in a hole cut in the benchtop, with a support piece added in to hold it up. Then it's flush with the benchtop, but I can also remove the white piece if I need a free-arm. I probably win the award "Queen of Clutter"!

 As viewed standing behind the large cutting table which also doubles as an ironing space with a padded board which replaces the cutting mat. The cutting mat is on a higher cabinet with drawers and open shelves underneath. This is at the back of the sewing desk, and I just walk around to where the photo was taken from to use it for cutting, or ironing. I also have a small portable ironing pad for near the sewing machine.
Opposite the sewing machine is my desk with computer and a secondary cutting mat. We also do audio work on the computer (recording/mixing/making CDs) so it's messy looking with extra hardware.


 More storage cupboards at the opposite end from the windows.
Here are just some of the boxes of Craft and sewing stuff before unpacking. It's been such fun setting up the sewing space that I am having trouble pushing myself into my next quilting project! It's so lovely just to sit in my space and enjoy it. I think I'm feeling "Post Moving House Letdown"- a tiredness has descended upon me because I have stopped being frenetic with building the house, packing/unpacking and setting up. It will help when Roisin (now 2 years old) sleeps through the night!

                                Created 1 May 2007