The Canberra Ceili Band 

 The Canberra Ceili Band was Pete Hobson's idea, in 2001, born out of the excellent musicians he plays with regularly at the weekly session at King O'Malley's. Pete is also the Band's Musical Director. The session is used to select, sort and arrange the tunes. 

The 2002 National Folk Festival Irish Ceili. Jesse Rowan (centre) was due to have her second son, Breandan, in two weeks!     (Picture courtesy of Lawrie Brown)

In 2002 at the National Folk Festival there were eighteen players, including Dave O'Neill (fiddle), Liz Doherty (Fiddle) and Patrick Lyons  (Uillean Pipes and whistle).

With about twenty members, the Canberra Ceili Band is enthusiastically received by dancers . At right Jesse is singing at the Yarralumla Woolshed with young Breandan on her hip in 2003. You can see this great heritage woolshed below, with some members of the CCB playing for a dance. 

  (Pictures courtesy of Lawrie Brown)


The 2003 National Folk Festival

For the second year in a row the Canberra Ceili Band ran the Ceili at the National Folk Festival at Easter in 2003. Margaret and Bill Winnett called for the dances. Some of the members of the Ceili Band are pictured from left to right (above):

Lyn Finch, Pete Hobson (fiddle,), Kevin Bradley (fiddle), Sue Hobson (fiddle), Dee Stephens (fiddle), Mark Tandy (box), Kevin Doyle (box), Terry McGee (flute), Peter Stratford (percussion), Jon Millard (whistle), Tim Shirley (flute), Peter Logue (keyboard), Alex Burke (flute).  There are some more hidden behind, who are (hopefully) pictured below. 

Left to Right: 

Pete Hobson, Sue Hobson, Kevin Bradley, Dave Game, Mark Tandy, 
Jesse Rowan (Singing), Terry McGee, Jon Millard, Tim Shirley.


Front left to right:

Pete and 
Sue Hobson


Back left to right:

Jackie Bradley, Donna Vaughan




Mark Tandy

Terry McGee

 Terry moving at ceili speed!



Jesse singing for a waltz.



The wider view from the balcony also reveals Simon Kravis (banjo) lurking behind the left hand speaker stack ...



Left to Right:

Kevin, Sue, 
Dee and Mark.   

Check the bow angles!




Sue, Mark, 
Terry and Jon



Dave Game,
Jenny Gall

Breandan's second Ceili. 

He enjoyed the previous one too, but was still two weeks away from being born!


                     Jesse and Terry



The 2005 National Folk Festival...

The flute section of the Canberra Ceili Band, 2005 National Folk Festival. From left: Terry McGee, Ian Stewart (behind), Alex Burke and Tim Shirley.  

(Picture courtesy of Lawrie Brown)



The 2005 National Folk Festival Irish Ceili     
(Picture courtesy of Lawrie Brown)


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