Jesse Singing

Jesse Rowan is one of Australia's finest singers of traditional Irish songs.  Jesse has been singing since her childhood - at festivals and clubs throughout the Eastern states of Australia, on community and national radio, at major public events, in support of some of the world's most famous artists and on three commercially released albums.  Her warm and heartfelt performances continue to enchant audiences.


Jesse loves to perform mainly Irish traditional songs and ballads, but includes Scottish, Border, Gospel, and American traditional material in her hand-picked collection. The melody is what first attracts Jesse to a song, then she looks for well crafted lyrics. The subject or story it tells have to have some kind of impact for Jesse to want to sing it. Jesse believes that the singer is the vehicle for the song, which is a treasure to be shared, rather than the song being a vehicle for the singer to display their voice.


Jesse admires the warm and rich approach to song taken by singers like Dolores Keane, Niamh Parsons, Mary Black (the early days), The Voice Squad, Andy M Stewart (Silly Wizard), Andy Irvine, Colm O'Donnell, Mick Hanley, Clannad, Altan, and Dougie MacLean.

Current Activities

Jesse Rowan and Friends are available for concerts and other performances in various ensembles:

  • Jesse (vocal) and Terry (flute, guitar and vocal)
  • As part of the Canberra Ceili Band (dances, festivals)
  • Jesse also sings with Balleyhooley, who contribute to the performance a sympathetic accompaniment of vocal harmonies, fiddle, mandolin and bouzouki and flute.

The 2005 National Folk Festival Irish Ceili  (Picture courtesy of Lawrie Brown)



Jesse & Terry at the National Folk Festival,
  Canberra in 2002




Sue, Pete, Jesse and Terry at King O'Malley's



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