Flute Tone Investigations
Appendix 2 - Further Reading

Further Reading

Our investigations will cross many fields, some of which may not be familiar to you.  Where I stumble across articles that may help, I'll note them here.  This page will not happen all at once, so keep an eye on it from time to time.

On Audio Technical matters:

A Clean Audio Installation Guide.  How do we ensure that an audio installation is put together correctly, to minimise the likelihood of picking up noise, hum, distortion etc, and compromising bandwidth and dynamic range.

Understanding Audio Specifications. What do terms like Signal To Noise Ratio, Total Harmonic Distortion, Bandwidth, etc mean?  How should they be measured and specified?

Understanding Room modes.  What are the problems we might encounter in rooms used for musical and measurement purposes?  What tools and resources are there to help us?

On flute tone testing:

A lot has been said and done in this field over the years, admittedly almost all in terms of other kinds of flutes.  When is it applicable and when is it not applicable to our kind of flutes?  A lot of what is available is on the web.  Links and maybe comments.



Thanks to all those who are following this series and providing suggestions and comments!


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